von AlmaWin

Our environmental guidelines

With the environmental guidelines of AlmaWin Reinigungskonzentrate GmbH we commit ourselves to treat the environment, our fellow human beings and ourselves with care. We see the improvement of sustainability in ecological, economic and social terms as a permanent obligation of our company and our employees.

1. environmental protection as a corporate task

We see environmental protection as a corporate task. The management serves as a role model in environmental protection issues. Energy and water consumption, waste generation and product performance are regular topics of annual planning, including monitoring the results of management activities.

2. employee involvement

We involve our employees in environmental protection issues in order to actively improve environmental protection in the company. We inform our employees about environmental protection issues and train them in this area. The environmental guidelines are binding for all employees in all procedures and processes.

3. conservation of resources

We want to use our resources sparingly. We therefore procure raw materials and packaging regionally wherever possible to ensure short transport routes. For our packaging, we use FSC-certified cardboard packaging with a high recycled content, among other things, so that a high degree of sustainability is achieved. We cover a large part of the electricity requirement by purchasing 100% green electricity, the rest is generated in our own combined heat and power plant. Our products are mainly concentrates in order to reduce energy and packaging material as well as to ensure the economical use of cleaning agents. We organize the distribution and delivery logistics of our products to our customers as resource-conserving as possible by ensuring almost 100% utilisation of our vehicle fleet through consistent route planning. For the rest of the delivery logistics, we prefer forwarding agents certified according to ISO 14001. We ensure that our waste is disposed of properly and that recyclable materials are collected. Waste water from production is pre-treated and neutralised. Paper, cardboard, glass and plastic waste are fed into a recycling system. Hazardous waste is reduced as much as possible and is virtually non-existent.

4. customer information

We inform our customers about the environmental aspects of our products. We carry a range of eco-certified branded products throughout our range. We support our customers with ecological advice and dosing systems for the economical use of detergents and cleaning agents. All eco-certified articles are given a certification logo to recognize their ecological quality.

5. public relations work

We inform the public about our activities in environmental protection through an annual environmental report. The exchange of information with consumer associations, universities, the local neighbourhood and authorities on environmentally relevant topics is important to us and is actively pursued by us.

6. legal conformity

Compliance with applicable laws and guidelines is a matter of course for us. In addition, the majority of our products are certified according to Ecocert's and Ecogarantie's ecological standards. We intend to add the EU eco-label to other products in the future.

7. continuous improvement

We want to continuously develop environmental protection and sustainability in all processes, from raw material procurement to production, logistics and product application at the customer. To this end, we aim to introduce an environmental management system in order to analyze and optimize our processes in a targeted manner.

These environmental guidelines should be observed, lived and further optimised by all AlmaWin employees.