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The world needs Environmental Heroes!

Our environmental heroes close the recycling cycle - just like with paper and glass!

More than 95% of the new AlmaWin PE bottles and 100% of the PE bottles are made from collected, shredded plastic waste called recyclate.

Really sustainable! The closed recycling cycle for plastic.


This conserves resources because no new primary raw materials (e.g. from crude oil) are needed. This reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, the amount of waste is reduced: Plastic waste is recycled and thus valuable. The recycled bottles are also 100% recyclable. They are simply returned to the material cycle via the yellow bin or the recycling system available on site.

You be an environmental hero too!

Very simple! Throw the bottles into the Yellow Bag or the Yellow Bin! You can recognize the bottles by our pink tag with the environmental hero!


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Our white and coloured bottles made from more than 95 % recycled PE
Our transparent bottles made from
100 % recycled PET