von AlmaWin


Water is in us, water is around us and it feeds us. Water is the origin of all life and it does not "consume" itself. Everything remains in a natural cycle and always comes back to us. Let us be careful with it.

This is especially important regarding washing, cleaning and rinsing. Here we can all take real responsibility for our health and the environment every day. With our KLAR series we bring ecology and dermatology to the point:

Convince yourself of a clear line, a clear philosophy and a clear result. A good feeling - without compromise!

ECO – logical:

KLAR deliberately avoids fragrances, optical brighteners, phosphates and synthetic substances as well as genetic engineering. Our purely vegetable and mineral ingredients protect the environment and human health and have an excellent ecological balance. The ecological top quality of the products is additionnally confirmed by  the ECOGARANTIE label or the ECOCERT label.

SENSITIVE – clear!

The dermatological quality is confirmed: The KLAR series has been tested dermatologically successfully. The most important washing products have also been awarded the DAAB seal by the German Allergy and Asthma Association.

ECO – logical! SENSITIVE -clear!

Trust what KLAR is!