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For skin-sensitive people and allergy sufferers

Thanks to its mild formulations and natural ingredients, the KLAR line is ideal for skin-sensitive people, children and allergy sufferers. By dispensing with superfluous fragrances and additives, the risk of allergies is reduced to a minimum. Especially for people allergic to fragrances.

Especially regarding clothes, which get into direct contact with the skin but also when cleaning, the skin compatibility and thus careful selection of the ingredients plays an elementary role.

The skin-mild raw materials of the KLAR series are of purely vegetable or mineral origin. Wherever possible, the raw materials we use come from controlled organic cultivation. All KLAR products are free of synthetic colourings, fragrances and preservatives!

For your safety, our KLAR products have been almost completely dermatologically tested. Result: predicate mild to the skin. Dermatologically successfully tested.

The most important detergents have also been awarded the DAAB seal by the German Allergy and Asthma Association after successful testing on highly sensitive persons.

We want you to feel completely comfortable and safe.


Dermatologisch getestet


without scent

Dermatologically successfully tested