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It can't be any more ecological or skin milder:

The soap nut is a small miracle of nature and in our eyes there is currently no other natural raw material for detergents that combines so many advantages.

The saponin contained in the soap nut bowls not only has the best washing and cleaning power and protects the colours, but also smoothes the textile fibres and makes them easy to iron.

But that's not all: Purely natural and 100% biodegradable, the soap nut not only protects the environment, but also the skin. The raw material is used by KLAR in its pure form and has a very low allergy potential.

In addition to biodegradability, there is another ecological plus: the use of soap nut extract (saponin) reduces the use of soaps and palm kernel oil-based surfactants. Klar thus supports the protection of rainforests.

In 2006 KLAR developed the first soap nut product, the "Soapnut Liquid". It raised the bar in terms of natural washing to a new level. The "Soapnut Liquid" combines the outstanding and purely natural soapnut cleaning properties with simple handling. The innovative formulation developed by KLAR has been protected under German utility model law.

Since then, the soap nut product family has grown steadily:


The soap nut simply belongs to KLAR and that's why we continue to "tinker" with new innovative products that couldn't be more ecological. Let us surprise you!